Our Philosophy

We adhere to a value-oriented investment strategy and seek to exploit market inefficiencies by working to acquire assets that are undervalued, underperforming, complex or mispriced. We employ an exhaustive analytical process in identifying potential real estate investments.

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Our Platform

Commercial Real Estate

WCCG Commercial Real Estate leverages its core expertise as a real estate acquirer, operator and services provider, to execute value-added and opportunistic investment strategies designed to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns.

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Corporate Private Equity

WCCG Corporate Private Equity is responsible for overseeing WCCG’s existing portfolio of commercial real estate services companies as well as making new control investments in companies with a strong real estate component.

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In The News

Our Team

We are committed to achieving our investors’ goals via our core values of integrity, innovation and transparency. We recognize that the loyalty of our investors must be earned and maintained. We strive to build long-term relationships based not only on delivering strong investment returns, but also on mutual trust, respect and accountability.

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